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Market Overview:

Used Vermeer SC252 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Stump grinders
Manufacturer: Vermeer
Model: SC252
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Vermeer
Model: SC252
Condition: Used
Hp: 27
Teeth type: Yellowjacket
Engine make: Kohler
Subcategory: Stump Grinder

Vermeer SC252 from other providers

  • Vermeer SC252

    United States | Sutherlin

    Year of Make: 2012

    9,371 € $ 11,500 £ 8,334 CHF 11,030 ₹ 736,213 C$ 14,289 ₴ 327,893 39,092 zł R 141,034 ₨ 1,268,819 43,655 lei ₽ 650,233 ₦ 4,129,664 Mex$ 215,836
  • Vermeer SC252

    United States | San Diego

    Year of Make: 1998

    4,033 € $ 4,950 £ 3,587 CHF 4,747 ₹ 316,892 C$ 6,150 ₴ 141,136 16,826 zł R 60,706 ₨ 546,143 18,790 lei ₽ 279,882 ₦ 1,777,551 Mex$ 92,903
  • Vermeer SC252

    Year of Make: 1999

    9,401 € $ 11,536 £ 8,361 CHF 11,065 ₹ 738,526 C$ 14,334 ₴ 328,923 39,214 zł R 141,477 ₨ 1,272,805 43,792 lei ₽ 652,275 ₦ 4,142,638 Mex$ 216,514

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Vermeer SC252 Shredder

Vermeer Logo

The VERMEER SC252 is a highly efficient and reliable stump grinder with rubber tyres. This unit is self-propelling in the power class 25-30 hp.

VERMEER SC252 specs for engine

Vermeer sc252 Controls
Vermeer sc252 Controls

The VERMEER SC252 is powered by a Kohler Command Pro CH740S engine running at 3600 rpm. The VERMEER SC252 stump grinder has a torque maximum of 42.7 lb-ft. The VERMEER SC252 price includes a dry type air cleaner with a restriction indicator and safety element. The VERMEER SC252 stump grinder has an angle capability for operating of 25 degrees in all directions. The VERMEER SC252 price includes an engine monitor that sends warning messages if there is low engine oil pressure. The fuel tank capacity is six gallons.

VERMEER SC252 specs for body and cutting system

Vermeer sc252 Hydraulic Front Steer
Vermeer sc252 Hydraulic Front Steering

The VERMEER SC252 for sale has hydraulic steering with a wheelbase of 59 inches. The VERMEER SC252 for sale ground drive configuration is a single motor that has a chain reduction, to the sprocket on the axle. The drive motor has a low-speed, high torque. The wheel for cutting is 19 inches with teeth, 16 inches without. The wheel thickness is half an inch.RPM of the wheel is 1300. The drive engagement has an electric clutch. The cutting range of this machine is 13 inches below ground. Above ground is 25 inches (cutter wheel shaft centreline).

Download here your brochure Vermeer SC252.pdf

The Vermeer SC252
The Vermeer SC252
The Vermeer SC252 in action
The Vermeer SC252 in action