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About Surplex



  • Founded in 1999
  • Online Since 1999
  • ADJ Ranking 4.25 out of 5 Stars

Surplex GmbH is one of the leading European companies providing a wide range of services in used industrial machinery market. Operating worldwide, the company buys and sells used machinery and industrial plants, holds regular online auctions and offers appraisals and valuation services.

Surplex Auctions was established in 1999, by two brothers Schick, in Düsseldorf, Germany, as online only used machinery marketplace. The company's primary aim was to develop an international online platform for used machinery in order to make a highly segmented second hand machinery market more transparent and simplify the process of selling and buying machinery and industrial  plant for its partners and potential customers.

Over the years SURPLEX has grown and gradually introduced more traditional services such as personal consultation, appraisals and machine storage to offer for its clients and consolidate its status as one of the leaders in the used machinery market. In case of plant closure or clearing to make space for new production, Surplex experts are able to organised the whole process from order assessment, marketing, sale, responsibility, customer assistance and industrial shed cleaning in sufficient and cost effective manner. Additionally, Surplex online auctions also have grown into a successful part of the business, every month attracting more than 80,000 users from over 150 countries worldwide.

Leaders of used industrial machinery

Michael yourself & Uli Stalter are CEOs of Surplex
Michael yourself & Uli Stalter are CEOs of Surplex

While the company offers wide range of industrial machinery from different industries ranging from robotics to laboratory technology, it has a specially high expertise in the area  of woodworking and metalworking equipment. Over the years Surplex auctions has built strong relationships with leading metalworking and woodworking machinery producers, which enable them to consolidate their extensive knowledge of these specific industries and provide high value consultation services to their customers about various manufacturers and machines.

adj-largeAt Surplex auctions, companies from metalworking industry can expect not just professional advice but also a wide range, high quality used machines for offer by auction at any given time. The company regularly sells machines including machining centres, drilling and jig-drilling machines, lathes, milling machines and grinders, various sheet forming machines and welding equipment. Meanwhile, for the woodworking sector the company specialises in CNC machining centres, panel saws and formatting and edge banding machinery besides others. Due to SURPLEX's long-lasting relationships with industry leading manufacturers such as Homag Group, the company is able to offer south-after second hand woodworking machinery, which is in high demand by carpenter shops and furniture manufacturing sector worldwide, for very competitive prices.

From the very beginning the company has been in the forefront of technical innovation, being one of the first companies offering machinery auctions online. Today the auctioneer continuously aims to improve its service and adapt to current consumption needs. The recently introduced an Aplication for iOS and Android devices illustrates company's commitment to innovation.

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