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YANMAR Co. Ltd. is a globally-active manufacturer of agricultural and construction machines, engines and generators. It's head office and numerous enterprises in Japan are accompanied by foreign branches in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

YANMAR Company History

The development of YANMAR into a global player started in 1912 when YAMAOKA Hatsudoki Kosakusho took up the production of gas-fuelled engines. In 1921, the brand YANMAR was created and it brought horizontal and vertical oil engines onto the market. The following years saw the development of the diesel engine, which was first used in fisheries. In 1936, another factory was opened in Japan, whose main aim was to use fuel economically. YANMAR was very successful in the research and development of combustion engines. The war damaged their production facilities, but this didn't stop the company's success. Yanmar built a name for themselves through the production of ship engines and fuel injections for diesel engines in the years following the war. In the 1950s, diesel engine technologies were constantly developed and also awarded by the German Investors Association. YANMAR's international award meant that in the following years it founded more facilities in Asia, Europe, China and America (YANMAR America Corporation).

Areas of Operation

Over the years, YANMAR has developed excellent expertise in the field of diesel engines for various branches of industry. It has expanded its product portfolio to include air-conditioners and agricultural machines. In addition to tractors, combine harvesters and rice planting machines, they have also developed motorised hoes and milling machines. YANMAR Co Ltd also supplies engines to private boat manufacturers, the merchant navy, and air-conditioning, generator and construction machines (e.g. diggers, wheel loaders and carriers) manufacturers. These products all belong to YANMAR Holdings Co. Ltd. and its various international subsidiary companies.

Product portfolio

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