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TAKEUCHI company logoTAKEUCHI, headquartered in Nagano, Japan is one of the world leaders in manufacturing compact equipment for construction. After decades in the industry, the company now has its machinery on construction sites worldwide, and TAKEUCHI says it prides itself on making sure that its products are built from the finest materials, and that it always seeks to exceed the expectations of owners.


A history of TAKEUCHI Manufacturing

TAKEUCHI Compact excavator
TAKEUCHI Compact excavator

TAKEUCHI was established in the 1960s by Akio TAKEUCHI and in the early 1970s it introduced the first tracked excavator. By the end of the decade, TAKEUCHI had become so successful that it had established its second factory in Murakami, Japan. In the 1980s, TAKEUCHI introduced a whole host of new products as its business took off, among them the first rubber-tracked excavator. A few years later, TAKEUCHI Mfg introduced its eight ton class mini excavator into the United States, followed by its tracked excavator. These were the first compact excavators in the US, and set the stage for a period of growth in this market. The US remains a country where TAKEUCHI retains a significant presence. The 1990s brought further innovation, by introducing the first hydraulic extended tracks and a research and development facility was opened in Nagano. Over the next few years, TAKEUCHI opened operations in both the United Kingdom and, later, France, as the popularity of its products grew. A range of mini excavators followed, as well as a speciality grave-digger excavator and a new 8.5 ton excavator and the range of TAKEUCHI silenced hydraulic breakers. Expansion plans continue worldwide.

Used TAKEUCHI track loaders For Sale

At a construction site, TAKEUCHI takes over. With the best machines available and a world renowned name, TAKEUCHI gives the most powerful construction machines out there. These high end construction machines tend to be expensive but there is a solution for those who cant afford it. Used TAKEUCHI loaders, used TAKEUCHI excavators and other used TAKEUCHI machinery. They are almost half the price, and usually they are machines that meant to work and one project and sold again, at much lower price. The used TAKEUCHI machine at the second hand market or auctioneers is the best option if you cant spend what a new machine requires.

TAKEUCHI Product Portfolio