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RENAULT is not only a French automobile corporation, which is active worldwide, but it also has a division focusing on  commercial vehicles and farming equipment. The production of RENAULT tractors ended with the acquisition through  CLASS KGaA in 2008 and many patents and successful tractor models fell back onto the French company.

RENAULT AGRICULTURE – Manufacturer of agricultural machines since the beginning

Renault was founded by the French brothers Fernand, Marcel and Louis Renault in 1898. Its success grew quickly and around a decade later, Renault was already producing the first commercial and towing vehicles. This development was halted by World War One, but in 1919 Renault continued with their production of  tractors. RENAULT's tractor success story became more evident after the end of World War Two, even if their first attempt to enter the German market in 1960 failed. In 1985, the corporation split its automotive division and the agricultural sector was re-branded as RENAULT AGRICULTURE S.A. In terms of tractors, RENAULT brought new and technically advanced models onto the market, and the French company was able to expand their agricultural sector to Germany in the mid 1990s. One of the reasons for this was the cooperation contract signed between MASSEY FERGUSON and JOHN DEERE. At the end of the century, RENAULT AGRICULTURE started its Atles range and introduced a high class tractor with over 250 PS. In 2003, the German CLASS KGaA had 51% of RENAULT AGRICULTURE's stocks, which meant that the tractors produced in this time were branded under the name CLASS. In 2008, CLASS KGaA took over the rest of the stock shares from RENAULT AGRICULTURE.

The most well- known tractors from 1990 onwards includes the following types of CLASS tractors:

  • Ceres range
  • Ares range
  • Atles range
  • Cergos range
  • Ergos range
  • Celtis range