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Massey Ferguson

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Operations Georgia, US
Founded 1847
Manufactures   Agricultural Equipment and Machinery

MASSEY FERGUSON is an international producer of agricultural machines. These commercial vehicles are available for all agricultural sectors. The history and experience of this company within the sectors of  tractor and commercial vehicle production dates back to the mid 19th century.

MASSEY FERGUSON – A Company History with Many Changes

massy ferguson best utility tractor MF5713
Massy Ferguson MF 5713 won best utility tractor at Agritechnica 2015 competition

The beginning of MASSY FERGUSON reaches back to the year 1847, when Daniel Massey founded MASSEY MANUFACTORING COMPANY in the Canadian province of Ontario. At the end of the century, the company merged with A. HARRIS AND SON IMPLEMENT (founded by Alanson Harris) and their name was changed to MASSEY-HARRIS COMPANY LIMITED. In 1929, the company bought a German factory in Cologne, where they produced combined harvesters for the local market.

One of the most influential changes in this company's history was in 1953, when MASSEY-HARRIS COMPANY merged with the HARRY FERGUSON LIMITED. Just before the second world war, Harry Ferguson invented the three-point hydraulics, which is a key component for general tractor development.

MASSY FERGUSON compact tractor
MASSY FERGUSON compact tractor
MASSY FERGUSON square baler
MASSY FERGUSON square baler
Combine harvester by MASSY FERGUSON
Combine harvester by MASSY FERGUSON

Today, the company belongs to the AGCO group, which was founded in 1990 and is now the third biggest manufacturer of  farm equipment. The brand MASEY FERGUSON is still active today and produces and sells: