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KUHN logo

  • HQ: Saverne,France
  • CEO: M. Michel SIEBERT
  • Founded: 1828

France firm KUHN has a long history of manufacturing agricultural machinery and equipment , and now offers a diverse selection of machinery that is exported across the world. The firm has production facilities in the Americas and Europe, and has a constant focus on innovation in the farming sector.

One of Europe's leading manufacturers of farm machinery

KUHN is a French company which specializes in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment, and has been doing so for over 150 years. KUHN SA was founded by Joseph KUHN in 1828, as a manufacturer of weighing scales. However, everything changed in the 1860s when the railways started to cross the French countryside. With farmers needing to increase their efficiency to feed a growing population, KUHN SA started to manufacture advanced farm machinery to meet the growing demand. Because of its location in the town of Saverne, the firm actually swapped identities, becoming German from the 1870s and then French again in 1918, which helped KUHN France to expand its operations, reaching farmers in both nations. After World War Two, the firm formed a successful partnership with Swiss manufacturer Bucher-Guyer, becoming a world leader in mechanized agriculture.

Mounted Gyrotedders Kuhn GF 422
Mounted Gyrotedders Kuhn GF 422

By the 1970s, KUHN SA was regularly exporting to markets as far away as Australia and the United States, had opened up a new research and development centre and made several acquisitions such as the plough manufacturer Huard. During the 1990s, KUHN Farm Equipment opened up operations in Telford, England, as well as the American state of Tennessee and the town of Schopsdorf, near Berlin. This was part of a drive to become the world's foremost supplier of agricultural machinery, and was backed up by continuing successes like victory in the 2001 World Ploughing Championships. The 2000s saw the firm expand still further, acquiring firms with expertise in crop spraying as well as baling and wrapping, allowing KUHN SA to supply all aspects of agricultural operations. That period also saw the firm begin production operations outside France - as the company brought more American firms under its umbrella. By 2012, the company has factories in the United States, Belgium, Brazil and France, and was pursuing a company strategy based around customer satisfaction, employee growth, sustainability and continual development of new product lines.

Kuhn MULTI-MASTER 113 NSH - 5  bodies
Kuhn MULTI-MASTER 113 NSH - 5 bodies

KUHN Farm Machines Portfolio

The range of agricultural machinery and equipment  manufactured by KUHN SA includes:

  • Mounted reversible ploughs
  • Semi-mounted reversible ploughs
  • Disc harrows
  • Deep working cultivators
  • Strip tillers
  • Stubble cultivators
  • Mechanical seed drills
  • Pneumatic seed drills
  • Fertiliser spreaders
  • Mounted and trailed agricultural sprayers
  • Hedge and grass cutters
  • Salt and sand spreaders
  • Rotary toppers
  • Gyrotedders
  • Mowers
  • Rakes
  • High density and round balers
  • Round and square bale wrappers
  • Silage cutters and kuhn equipment
  • Straw blowers and feeders
  • TMR mixers
  • Manure spreaders

The range of products manufactured by KUHN Agricultural Equipment are specifically designed to be used in agricultural operations. The firm's clients generally include arable farmers who require equipment for hay making and baling, but they are also used in land management tasks such as hedge-cropping.