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Kubota tractors in the snow


Kubota Logo


KUBOTA is a world-leading heavy machinery and tractor company, based in Japan, which employs more than 34,000 people globally. KUBOTA is the German market-leader in compact and zero tail excavators. The famous Japanese manufacturer is well known for it's accuracy and high end production value. If you are looking for a used Kubota machine, you can be assured that the machine you will buy used will be probably in the best of condition.

The History of KUBOTA Corporation 

Kubota HQ
Kubota HQ in Naniwa-ku, Osaka

KUBOTA was founded in 1890 in Osaka, the city where it still has its headquarters today. Gonshiro Kubota started the company to make cast iron waterpipes.

Early in the 20th century, KUBOTA began to specialise in powered machinery, the field in which it has excelled in ever since, with an emphasis on the heavy machinery sector. KUBOTA's main market is the construction industry, where its range of excavators of all sizes and capabilities is recognised as a high quality choice. KUBOTA also manufactures for agriculture, with the first of its tractors exported to the United States in 1969.

Over time, KUBOTA has constructed several manufacturing facilities in the US. Overall, KUBOTA Corporation is now the largest manufacturer of diesel engines under 100HP in the world. The company says that it is more flexible, modern and successful now than at any point in its long history.

Kubota Main Products: from Mowers to Tractors to Excavators

Working in markets around the world, KUBOTA has its products on thousands of construction sites, providing essential service to their operators. Its tractors are the choice of farmers in many parts of the globe, while its utility vehicles are relied on by the armed forces of several countries. The wide range of KUBOTA mowers for both domestic and commercial users are known for their reliability and the company's reputation for innovation. KUBOTA's mission statement is 'for earth, for life', emphasising its commitment to minimise the impact on the environment of every one of the products that it produces.


Kubota Sit On Mower F1900
Kubota Sit On Mower F1900
Kubota Tractor ST30
Kubota Tractor ST30

Kubota Used Tractors For Sale

Kubota Used tractors offer a good deal as they are less expensive and due to the high quality and standards  of the manufacturer, can be of use many years. Second hand tractors for sale could come across as something risky but you can always trust that the second hand market of used tractors and mowers will give you all the details to make a informed decision regarding used Kubota machinery that's up for sale.

Kubota Production Portfolio For Sale