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KRAMER are experts in manufacturing components that are used in media applications such as audio and video broadcasting and digital recording operations.

Providing components for the audio and video industries since 1981

KRAMER Electronics USA, Inc. is an American company which specializes in manufacturing electrical components such as connectors, switches and control systems for industrial clients. Started by Dr Joseph KRAMER in the early 1980s, the firm was initially intended to work with the video industry, supplying components needed by production companies and electronics manufacturers. Nowadays, the firm has expanded to include all areas of electronics where high quality signal processing is required, with more than 1,000 different product lines available. In the process, KRAMER has been an industry pioneer, introducing some of the first colour splitters, automatic video noise gates and digital scaler switches. This has been achieved by making an early decision to focus closely on innovation, and the firm maintains a thriving research facility. Another side to the firm's success has been its focus on customer satisfaction. The company seeks to partner closely with its clients, offering a seven-year warranty on its components and providing full technical support both before and after the sale is completed.

Leading the way in digital technology and expanding worldwide

Soon after being founded, KRAMER also made the decision to expand into Europe, meaning that it has an international distribution network. Since 1981, the company has introduced revolutionary new video and audio processing technologies on a yearly basis. For example, in 1989, the company became one of the trail-blazers in the graphics conversion field, and by 1992, KRAMER had become a leading supplier of technology to European broadcasting studios, supplying the components needed to superimpose graphics and information bars over news programming. The 2000s saw further growth, with the acquisition of strategic firms and the opening of a production facility in China and new products which made it possible to transmit digital signals over fibre optic networks. This was accompanied by a commitment to ensuring that clients have the right skills to make the most of KRAMER's products, with the opening of the KRAMER Academy - an innovative e-learning environment, as well as traditional seminars on all continents.

The KRAMER product portfolio

The range of products manufactured by KRAMER includes:

  • Distribution amplifiers
  • Switchers and routers
  • Control systems
  • Standards and format converters
  • Repeaters and range extenders
  • Scalers
  • Cables
  • Connectors
  • Room connectivity tools
  • Rack adapters
  • Broadcasting terminals

KRAMER's products are electronic components and equipment which are used extensively in the broadcasting and video or audio production sectors. They are commonly used by live broadcasting organizations such as sports or news broadcasters, as well as entertainment companies such as recording studios and music venues.