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    Ford company logoThe FORD Motor Company is one of the world's biggest vehicle manufacturers and for much of its long history FORD mass-produced a wide range of highly-regarded tractors, many of which are still in use around the world. FORD sold its tractor business to Fiat Agri in 1993, but its heritage lives on in the characteristic blue colour of the New Holland-branded machines. Buying a used FORD tractor can be an optimal venture, FORD is one of the most well known and reliable tractors and vehicle manufactures in the world. When purchasing a second hand tractor from FORD you know you will get a low maintenance, good condition tractor.


    A history of the FORD Motor Company

    Used FORD utility tractor
    Used FORD utility tractor

    Henry Ford launched his first tractor in 1907, branded Fordson, not surprising for a man who had grown up on a farm, and whose wife came from a farming family. Along with so many other innovations in vehicle mass production, the FORD Motor Company is credited with pioneering production of the very first petrol-driven tractor, which FORD called "the automobile plough". From 1917, the Fordson brand name was used on tractors and that brand continued to be used until 1964. The Fordson Model F is regarded as the first affordable tractor ever produced, available for $750. In 1928, the FORD Motor Company transferred tractor production from its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan to Cork, Ireland and later to Dagenham in the British county of Essex. For a while, Ford tractors were produced in what was then Leningrad in the former Soviet Union. When, in 1964, the Fordson brand was abandoned, the tractors were branded simply as Fords, in both the United Kingdom and in the United States. In 1986, the FORD Motor Company bought out the agricultural manufacturer Sperry-New Holland to form Ford-New Holland, which in turn later bought out Versatile tractors. In the 1990s, FORD sold its entire tractor division to Fiat, and a few years later Fiat, abiding by the terms of the sale agreement, removed all FORD badging and now the tractors, while retaining the characteristic blue FORD colour, are sold under the New Holland brand.

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