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Fendt company Logo

Since 75 years
Location Germany

AGCO FENDT, a German manufacturer has been producing agricultural related products for over 75 years. Family and tradition have stuck with FENDT since the first product, the ‘Dieselross’ (Diesel Horse). Since then, FENDT AGCO has grown into a worldwide giant in the agricultural manufacturing industry.

FENDT 1000 Vario tractor
FENDT 1000 Vario tractor

About FENDT: Tractors and Agricultural Machinery

For the better part of the 20th century, FENDT was developing and reshaping the way tractors were created, by increasing the horsepower and all around vision. One of their most notable tractors, the 926 Vario, was released in 1995 and was the first high-horsepower tractor with step less Vario transmission.

In 1997, FENDT reached a critical turning point, which solidified it’s standing as one of the leading agricultural manufacturers when the US agricultural equipment corporation, AGCO acquired the German company. The acquisition by AGCO allowed the company to expand beyond Europe and sell its product to more than 3,000 independent dealers and distributors AGCO works with in over 140 countries. FENDT has five of their own factories across Bavaria, including locations in Breganze and Hohenmolsen. The United States corporation, based in Duluth, Georgia, formed in 1990 after the acquisition of DEUTZ ALLIS Corporation from the Kloeckner-Humboldt-DEUTZ AG based in Germany. Today, AGCO FENDT Corpoation is a worldwide leader in manufacturing agricultural equipment, such as tractors, combines, sprayers, harvesters, balers, tillage equipment and hay tools. AGCO is located all across the world, in locations such as, Hesston, Kansas in the United States, Queretaro, Bajio in Mexico, Roasario, Argentina, Santa Rosa, Brazil, Randers, Denmark, Breganze, Italy, Coventry, United Kingdom, Constantine, Algeria, Jinan China and Dindigul, India. 2012 was a significant year for AGCO FENDT. The company released the 300 Vario Series with SCR technology, and it opened a facility in Marktoberdorf/Baumenheim, which is considered to be one of the world’s most modern factories for tractors in the world.

FENDT Katana 65 Harvesters
FENDT Katana 65 Harvesters

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