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BOBCAT Overview
Founded 1958
Machines Excavators, Loaders of all types, Telehanlers and more
Offices  North Dakota, USA

BOBCAT is known around the world for the skid steer loader, that was invented more than 50 years ago in the US State of North Dakota. Today, is every second skid steer loader within the construction machinery section is a product of BOBCAT  company. If you are a business and you are in need for a BOBCAT forklift, Telehandler or any other machinery to enhance your fleet or just to start the company from the start, purchasing a used BOBCAT is the best option for you. A new machine can be a costly adventure and for a modest spending a used BOBCAT machine might be the best and cheap option. Considering BOBCAT is a world renowned firm that have the highest standards of quality assurance, getting a second hand machine from BOBCAT can almost guarantee a good condition machinery if buying one or two at industrial auctions.

BOBCAT Loaders– How it all started

BOBCAT V417 telehandler
BOBCAT V417 telehandler

In 1958, the MELROE MANUFACTURING COMPANY bought the rights to the Keller loader, which was invented by the brothers, Cyril and Louis Keller. Firstly, he employed the investors. In the same year, the Melroe self-driving loader M-60 came into production. The M-200 loader model was produced in 1959, followed by the M-400 in 1960. Due to its 4-wheel drive, it was consider the first real compact loader worldwide. Since then the BOBCAT loaders has undergone many changes in regards to its ownership, product, and its logo identity. The oldest, oval Melroe logo dates back to the 1960s. The newest logo and the current company's name is only a few years old.

DOOSAN taking over BOBCAT

At the end of 2007, the Korean DOOSAN CORPORATION took over the brand BOBCAT, that up until 1995 belonged to INGERSOLL RAND. Since then, BOBCAT Bensheim and its 16 locations are the German branch of the DOOSAN INFRACORE CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT-GRUPPE. The connection to DOOSAN guarantees that the customers and employees of the company always receive a great deal of safety and stability. Just like before, the BOBCAT company  is a permanent fixture in the construction sector.

BOBCAT Offers More then Loaders

BOBCAT Bensheim provides a comprehensive range of construction equipment for sale, and in particular loaders for different uses. Caterpillars for rough terrain are just as available as models with normal tires. This company's most important products are:

BOBCAT E32 compact excavator
BOBCAT E32 compact excavator
  • Compact loaders for construction work, landscaping, agriculture, gardening or military use
  • Loaders with four wheel drive and several different steering modes Compact skid steer loaders with high capacity and c-profiled rubber caterpillars
  • Mini tracked loaders
  • Compact diggers
  • Different designs with three dipper arms, normal or hatchback
  • Telescopes
  • UTP commercial vehicles with double axle suspension at the front, and swing axle suspension at the back for difficult off-road conditions
  • Attachments such as diggers, shields, blades and buckets,  rippers and forks, dust pans, pallet forks and caterpillars