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 The history of ATLAS Machinery

Founder Hinrich Weyhausen 1919
Founder Hinrich Weyhausen 1919

The ATLAS Maschinen GmbH was founded in 1919 under the name Hinrich Weyhausen KG. The company's founder, Hinrich Weyhausen, started the company by selling construction and agricultural machinery. These machines, which customers so commonly needed, didn't originally exist, so he built these himself. There are many different machines under the brand name ATLAS, which have been in the foreground since they were first used. This has remained true up until today.

ATLAS Machinery GmbH Today

The employees of ATLAS Maschinen GmbH have developed successful crane technology. Numerous engineers, experts and customers all around the world contribute to this company's success. This has resulted in robust tools, that are always being developed to be safer and more economic. ATLAS does not only have comprehensive knowledge but is also a worldwide dealer and service network. This means that this company can be found wherever it is needed.

Atlas Excavator 65
Atlas Excavator 65

ATLAS Maschinen GmbH's Products

The ATLAS Maschinen GmbH has a comprehensive product range within the area of crane and excavators technologies. This includes:

Used ATLAS Construction Machines For Sale 

The german name walks before Atlas, the high quality and reliability is a second name for the company in making the best machines in the construction market. Small business and ones how just starting would want this machines in their fleet, one problem is the price. Due to high demand the prices are very high, but there is a reasonable solution. Buying a used Atlas construction machinery is almost half price of a new model and still encapsulate the standards of an Atlas machine. Used Atlas excavator can be a good solution to the business how can't put out the cash flow for a new machine.

ATLAS Training Opportunities

In order to ensure that all buyers of cranes and diggers can use their products to the maximum capacity, ATLAS also provides detailed, comprehensive training on their machines and devices. The different courses are built onto one another, so that knowledge of the operation, hydraulics, electrics and many other areas can be increased step by step.