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amazone werkeAMAZONE Werke has found a place at the heart of the global agricultural manufacturing sector. With a focus on soil cultivation, the firm blends trusted design techniques with modern technology.


A market leader and agricultural innovator

AMAZONE is a firm which operates in the agricultural machinery sector, manufacturing equipment such as ploughs, seed drills and spreaders. Founded by Heinrich Dreyer in 1883, AMAZONE Werke swiftly became a leader in its field, producing over 10,000 winnowing machines by 1904. The firm grew steadily throughout the twentieth century, expanding its operations with sales units in countries as far afield as Ukraine, Poland, France and the UK. Constantly seeking to innovate with new techniques, AMAZONEWerke remains under the control of the Dreyer family, with its headquarters at Hasbergen-Gaste near the city of Osnabrück. Aside from its headquarters, the modern company has production facilities at Huda, Leipzig and Tecklenburg-Leeden in Germany, as well as a plant in the French town of Forbach and a factory in Samara, Russia.

AMAZONE Equipment have found success by specializing in the area of soil cultivation. Through developing efficient models of spreaders,  seed drills, rotary harrows and disc cultivators, they have served thousands of clients in the farming sector. However, the company also works with municipal bodies and large estates to find sustainable, effective land management solutions. Within the industry, AMAZONE Machines have established a reputation for reliability and quality, and provide an efficient supply of spare parts. It is also a regular winner of Agrictechnica Awards for agricultural machinery manufacturers. AMAZONE is also a truly international operation, with 80 percent of its turnover coming from overseas sales.

AMAZONE's Product Portfolio

AMAZONE produces equipment in the following areas:

  • Fertiliser spreaders 
  • Crop protection sprayers 
  • Disc harrows
  • Rollers 
  • Conventional and pneumatic seed drills 
  • Precision airplanters 
  • Sand spreaders

A full range of electronic terminals to use with AMAZONE equipment

The products produced by AMAZONE are intended to be used by large and small scale agricultural and horticultural clients, and are also used by municipal bodies and larger estates, where efficient land management is essential.