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Market Overview:

Used Altendorf WA 6 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: Altendorf
Model: WA 6
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Altendorf
Model: WA 6
Condition: Used
Sawblade tiltable 45 °
Control konventionell
Subcategory Panel sizing circular saws
Motor output 4 kW
Length of the rolling table 1450.1850.2500 mm
Division Woodworking
Quotation ex work
Cutting width 1000 mm

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Altendorf WA6 Sliding Saw

Altendorf logo

This WA6 sliding saw is manufactured by Altendorf, whose founder, Wilhelm Altendorf invented the sliding table saw in 1906 and since then the company is a synonym for this type of machinery throughout the world.  Altendorf has not had competitors in the market and has been a leader for years selling over 1 million table saws in over 120 countries around the world having only two  main production sites: Minden, Germany, and   Qinhuangdao, China, using the latest technology and the highest standards.

Used Altendorf WA6 Price 

Altendorf WA 6
Altendorf WA6 Sliding table saw

Low price and budget friendly, compact and high quality, that is the used Altendorf WA6 Sliding Saw for sale. It has outstanding  quality its flexible and  powerful range of equipment. Working with a used WA6 is a delight from the word go: the well throughout, what's more, an expert idea of the machine is instantly evident.The completion is of the best designing quality. Utilizing the extensive scope of gear any cuts can be made with no trouble, indeed, even down to the exceptional edge and miter cuts. The machine is conveyed to you completely pre-adjusted. So after only a couple of operations, you can get going instantly. Also, the aggressive value makes its commitment to the delight of owning an Altendorf WA6.

When searching used Altendorf WA6 Sliding Saw, it is useful to verify that the directions manual and working guidelines, the information sheet spec are additionally accessible, best as PDF. Purchasing utilized Altendorf WA6 Sliding Saw regularly is an event, and the low and modest price gives the benefit of quick accessibility. The specs sheet is available for download

Find the data sheet here: Altendorf WA6 data sheet.pdf

For the expense of transportation of an Altendorf WA6 Sliding Saw knowing weight and measurements is vital, autonomous of the year of assembling. It is very applicable to the cost of the Altendorf WA6 Sliding Saw, whether it is a more seasoned machine or a more current machine. If you don't mind check included extra parts or extras for Altendorf WA6 Sliding Saw with the buy or if the machine is as of now totally upgraded.

Altendorf WA 6  double roller carriage with steel bar guidance
Altendorf WA6 double roller carriage with steel bar guidance
Altendorf WA 6 Crosscut-mitre fence
Altendorf WA6 Crosscut-mitre fence
Altendorf WA 6 Manual tilt adjustment.
Altendorf WA6 Manual tilt adjustment.
Altendorf WA 6 Safety hood with extraction
Altendorf WA6 Safety hood with extraction
ALTENDORF WA6 Specifications
Working dimension X 3255
Working dimension Y 1335
Working dimension Z 180
Number of routing spindles 1
Tool changing positions 4
Borer vertical 18
Machine table Pod and rail table
Safety device Bumper
Total connection kW 20
Software XILOG 
Torque support Yes 
Tool clamping system ISO30 
Horizontal drills in X
Horizontal drills in Y 2
Saw aggregate Yes
Cantilever machine Yes
Interface for .dxf data Yes
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