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Market Overview:

Used Altendorf F 90 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Sliding Table Saw
Manufacturer: Altendorf
Model: F 90
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Altendorf
Model: F 90
Condition: Used
Subcategory Saws
Diameter of the saw shaft 30 mm
Motor power 4 kW
Cutting width 1250 mm
Blade speeds 4000 . 5000 and 6000 rpm.
Sliding table length 1400 mm
Saw blade diameter 300 mm
External dimensions 1000 x 3500 x 860 mm high

Altendorf F 90 from other providers

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Logo AltendorfAltendorf F90 Sliding Table Saw

Altendorf F90, one of the best saw models ever manufacturedIf you place a great emphasis on the quality and precision, the Altendorf F90 might be the ideal sliding table saw. The F90 was one of the most basic machines of Altendorf sliding table saw line up. It is a high-quality and robust panel saw with separate scoring blade and motor. 

Altendorf F90
Altendorf F90 Sliding Table Saw

Altendorf F-90 Features 

The Altendorf F-90 is characterised by a fixed saw arbour with angle fence and a table saw with crosscut fence and adjustable stops. Fast and designed for accurate chip-free cutting, this industrial table saw is perfect for a kitchen, furniture and bedroom makers. The F90 Altendorf is a solid reliable machine composed of a 3m table, overarm blade guard, 2 flip over stops on crosscut fence, mitre fence and a variable belt speed.

Used Altendorf F90 Table Saw

Altendorf produces one of the most popular and famous sliding table saws out in the market. The high standards do show in the price and these machines can be quite expensive. The solution is to buy the machine on the used market for almost half the price. Used Altendorf F90 can still be found in good condition and can last for a few years. This model might as well be found only at second-hand market as used Altendorf F90 due to its high popularity. So please Look at the list of used table saws and pick the one you want for the price you want.

Specs of the Altendorf F90 

Altendorf F90 Panel Saw
Altendorf F90 Panel Saw

The Altendorf F90 sliding table saw has a cutting length of 2800 mm and a cutting width of 1250 mm. The machine itself has standard dimensions for a panel saw, approximately 3000 mm x 1900 mm x 1600 mm, and a weight of 900 kg. Equipped with a 5.5 kW motor, the F90 is marked by height adjustment and the main blade hydraulically controlled with the footswitch.

Altendorf F90 technical specs at a glance
 Cutting length max.  2800 mm
 Cutting height max.  130 mm
 Scoring aggregate  Yes
 Cutting width  1250 mm
 Saw blade diameter max.  400 mm
 Bore main blade  350 mm x 30 mm
 Bore scoring blade capacity  120 mm x 22 mm
 Rotation speed steps  4
 Main motor power  5.5 kW
 Total connection   6.25 kW
 Weight  900 kg
 Dimensions  3000 mm × 1900 mm × 1600 mm

Video of Altendorf F90 in action